CVEEC 2014-2015 Interns

 2014/2015 CVEEC Interns

Live and work in a national park!

Field Instructor Interns serve a 10-month appointment as teachers in the resident environmental education program at the EEC. Interns actively teach curriculum that meets Ohio's state content standard for middle school education in science, math, language arts, social studies, and the fine arts. Classes are designed for 10-15 students at a time and focus on environmental sustainability, watersheds, and the natural and cultural history of the Cuyahoga River. Interns also participate in educational programs, teacher and parent preparation, and special events programming.

Interns receive three weeks of intensive training in relevant teaching and management techniques and methods. In addition, ongoing training and professional development, housing, stipends and other short-term benefits are provided.

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"Spending ten months working at the CVEEC was the best decision I could have made after college. Undoubtedly, the field instructor position prepared me for a career in the environmental arena.  With the hands-on experience, ongoing training and professional development provided to me as an intern, I became a true educator.  The amazing opportunity to work in the outdoors with young people on a daily basis and see them become stewards of the environment changed my life forever. I'll never forget my time 'in the forest'."   Lydia Courtright, CVEEC Intern, 2010-2011

"Interacting with children and watching them explore the natural world around them were the two biggest benefits of working at the EEC. There was always at least one student who you would see have that 'Ah ha' moment, when the content of the course clicked; that's what being any kind of educator is all about."
Steve Roberts, CVEEC Intern, 2009-2010

For more information, contact us at or phone at 330-657-2796 ext. 100. Applications are accepted through the end of May for the following school year's positions.

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