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John F. Seiberling Gallery

Named in honor of Congressman, photographer and CVNP advocate John F. Seiberling, the gallery features exhibits by local artists. The Seiberling Gallery is free and open to the public. Located at the Conservancy's headquarters: 1403 W. Hines Hill Road |  Peninsula, OH 44264 |  330-657-2909.

Exhibit: Delira and Excira | Stephen Tomasko

Exhibit showing: January 27—March 3, 2017

Delira and Excira: a term of Irish origin meaning delighted and excited.

Stephen Tomasko has been photographing gardens since 1989. In 2007, his images took on a life of their own when he began working with color and supplemental light. Tomasko showcases the wonders of spring by highlighting flowering trees, supercharged with heightened fresh spring light. His images are packed with natural abundance, unapologetic blasts of beauty, mystery, and sensuality.

At this exhibit, you’ll discover graphite drawings, encaustic paintings, and bright photographs, all in celebration of the coming of spring.


Mothers' Art: Capturing Moments in Time

Exhibit showing: March 12—April 28, 2017

Mothering is a significant and transformative process. In 1997, eight women artists gathered to explore how their lives had been transformed by motherhood, and how nurturing the potential of their children nurtured their own creative spirits. The exhibition that resulted from these conversations was part of Women at the Summit, a county-wide celebration of women in the arts and humanities.

Twenty years later, four members of the original group have joined with three new artists to explore the idea again. Some of these women entered another phase of life: They’ve watched their children become adults, welcomed grandchildren, experienced loss, cared for aging parents, and more. Some are new mothers, experiencing the same challenges that the original group faces 20 years ago. All are eager to explore how their creativity has been unearthed as they’ve dealt with fractured attention, questions, and doubts, pondering how mothers do capture moments in time.

Participating Artists:

Debra Bures*—ceramics
Barbara Gillette*—oil pastel
Bonnie Gordon*—ceramics
Alayna Shafer—glass
Carrie Adams Smith*—ceramics
Margaret Swift—calligraphy
Laura Grace Weldon—poetry
*participants in the 1997 Exhibition

Join us for:

  • A gallery reception on Sunday, March 12, 2-4 p.m. at the Seiberling Gallery. Light refreshments will be served.
  • A salon discussion on Sunday, April 2, 2-4 p.m. at the Hines Hill Conference Center. RSVP > 

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M.D. Garage

M.D. Garage offers a series of free art exhibits organized and coordinated by the Crooked River Gang, a volunteer group that promotes art in the Cuyahoga Valley. The gallery is located in the nostalgic setting of a 1940s gas station and is located next to the Boston Store Visitor Center. Most artwork is available for purchase.

1556 West Boston Mills Road
Peninsula, OH 44141

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1403 West Hines Hill Road, Peninsula, Ohio 44264  |  Tel 330 657 2909  |  Fax 330 657 2328