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Park Pack: Cuyahoga Creature Comforts

Item#: 007268


Winters in Northeast Ohio can be gloomy —  filled with gray skies, bitter temperatures and dark nights. However, life continues thriving in the natural world. Our trees may look barren, but they are simply awaiting the spring when they can erupt into buds and blossoms again. Our animal friends make it through the winter by creating cozy dens, caching food for later, or in the case of aquatic life, hunkering down in the depths of ponds and lakes. It is these “creature comforts” that help them survive the season. 

Looking to nature for inspiration , the Conservancy has filled our newest Park Pack with “Cuyahoga Creature Comforts” —games, activities, and inspiration for the human animal–to help curb your cabin fever this winter. 


Park Packs Pair: Taken together, Put Green in Your Routine (Park Pack #1) and Cuyahoga Creature Comforts (Pack #2) offer a complete and varied spectrum of activities to engage with–and be inspired by–your national park. Purchase both and save $10.

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Included in your Cuyahoga Creature Comforts Park Pack: 

-two paracord bracelet kits. Create a stylish (and useful!) accessory. Perfect for keeping your hands and mind busy. 

-two tree cookies. Tree cookies are the perfect medium for creating many homemade treasures. Check out our online idea guide to learn more. 

-a shatterproof Mason jar. These iconic jars can be for so much more than food or drink. Our online idea guide can give you inspiration. 

– “Tracks, Scat and Signs” —a beautiful and informative guide to finding signs of animal life anytime. Take it to the trail (or your backyard?) for a fun and educational twist on your next outdoor exploration. 

-“Guess that Park” trivia game. Brush up on your National Park knowledge with this informative and family-friendly trivia game. 

-Our original and exclusive CVNP stencil, available to download and print. Perfect for use with the mason jar, tree cookie—or anything else you can think of! 

-Cuyahoga Creature Comforts idea guide. Exclusive content for Park Packers. Check out our staff’s picks for ways to transform the tree cookies and Mason jar in your kit. Try out fun recipes curated by our friends at Countryside. Explore our list and follow the links on our website for step-by-step instructions, videos–and a downloadable stencil. 

-everything is packaged in a cotton bag that is also your blank canvas for creation. The fabric is appropriate for puffy paint, tie dye, Sharpie markers, fabric markers, acrylics and more. 


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