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The Mouse on Car #3

Item#: 000474


by Robin E. Kirk
Illustrated by Gail M. Nelson

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All Aboard!! That is music to Maestro’s ears; time to get up from his cozy bed between the seats. He stretches and yawns, then scurries to the top of the seat to look out his bedroom window. Seeing the children as they line up to board the train, he grooms himself, patting down his fur, getting ready for the day to unfold. It is going to be another fun-filled packed day for this little brown mouse that lives on car #3. He wonders what he will learn today. What stories will he hear?

So let’s come aboard, too, and join the children on the train who may never see the little brown mouse on car #3, but he may show himself to you and to me!

24 Pages
Steuben Press
ISBN 9781935787174

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