Herony near Bath Road

CVNP’s great blue herons keep over 80 nests here. No walking required.

At a Glance:

One of the best places to see Great Blue Herons in CVNP.

Bath Road Heronry is one of two heronries in CVNP. This sanctuary resides on land leased by Summit County Metro Parks, within the CVNP system, and helps in the preservation and protection of hundreds of Great Blue Herons that return to the area with each spring migration. The viewing location on Bath Road (between Riverview and Akron-Peninsula Roads) is the perfect place to watch the birds. Be sure to bring binoculars!

What Makes It Great

The herons, of course! Standing at four feet tall with a wingspan that can reach seven feet, these are some of the most majestic birds to be found in the Valley. It’s a great stop for the spring, because from early March to late April, there is plenty of nesting (and nest claiming) activity. There can be over 300 nesting parents and fledglings per year, since herons have been nesting here and elsewhere in the Valley for quite a long while.  The once native Iroquois tribes held the blue heron in high esteem, as a symbol of good luck, “going with the flow,” and working in conjunction with Mother Nature, not against it.

Who is Going to Love It

Because of proximity to the Towpath Trail, the vast majority of visitors will love it. Hikers, bikers, cross-country skiers, and trail runners are all bound to love it. With plenty to take in along the journey, it can be a nice stop on a longer excursion. Photographers and birdwatchers should make a point of seeking out this location exclusively. This destination can also be reached by car, making it a great way for less active folks to enjoy the park’s beauty.

Directions, Parking & Fees

Some direct-to-Heronry observation/viewing parking is available off of West Bath Rd. between Riverview Rd. and Akron-Peninsula Rd. Entrance to the park is free; fees for special programs and additional accesses may be required. Tickets are required for the Scenic Railroad.