Conservancy Staff

Meet the Conservancy!

President and CEO Deb Yandala
Senior VP of Strategic Initiatives Janice Matteucci
VP of Community Partnerships
Donté Gibbs
VP of Philanthropy
Dan Blakemore
VP of Education
January Miller
VP of Administration
Gregory Morton


Facilities Coordinator Adam Buttermore
Facilities Coordinator Hillary Corbett
Facilities Coordinator
Mike Elewski
IT Manager
Nathan Grimm
Administrative Services Director
Sarah Lock
Executive and Sustainability Coordinator
Adam Paine 
Facilities Coordinator
Steve Randolph
Personnel Manager
Sophie Ruiz-Schlotterer
Park Projects Director
Stacey Rusher
Facilities Coordinator
Gabrielle Rybinski
Administrative Support Manager Allison Smith  



Leadership Giving Director Sheryl Hoffman
Philanthropy Operations and Research Manager Brandon Henneman
Institutional Giving/Grants Manager Dianne Ketler
Philanthropy Operations and Membership Manager Jessica Livers
Philanthropy Communications Manager Zaina Salem


Finance Director Nicole Moshier
Accounting Manager Kristen Cimera
Bookkeeper Nancy Woodbury

Marketing & Communications

Marketing and Communications Director Jennifer Bako
Marketing and Communications Coordinator Kelly McGreal

Park Engagement

Park Engagement Specialist Carol Agnew
Retail Sales Associate
Jeff Bigler
Bartender Michael Buebe
Retail Sales Associate Jessica Campi
Retail Manager Tracy Christoff
Event Host Debi Colyer
Bartender Valerie Cross
Event Host Abby Cymerman
Retail and Ecommerce Sales Associate Deborah DiCarlo 
Bartender Adriana Eidom
Park Engagement Specialist Patrick Endsley  
Guest Services Support Brittany Gibson
Retail Sales Associate John Howington
Park Engagement Specialist Daniel Jensen
Bartender Shelby Kimberling
Sales Manager Cierra Kitts
Retail Sales Associate Laurie Klappauf
Park Engagement Specialist Rachel Koloda
Event Host Samantha Lewis
Retail Sales Associate Melissa Lindahl
Event Host Sarah Ludwig
Events Manager Amy Mattox
Retail Sales Associate Carla Menhorn
Retail Sales Associate Susan Mills
Event Host Laura Molnar
Retail Sales Associate Renee Mortemore
Bartender Alissa Newberry 
Event Host Nicole Parsons
Park Experiences Director Lindsay Regan
Event Host Maria Rose Reynolds
Program and Arts Manager Joe Risdon
Retail Sales Associate Emily Seliga
Park Engagement Specialist Emily Skiera  
Retail Operations Manager Lorrie Smith
Beverage Manager Tony Smith
Assistant Retail Manager Gwen Tomasko
Park Engagement Specialist Owen Urycki
Stanford House Host Allie Vanaman
Retail Sales Associate Carol Wargo
Retail Sales Associate Sophia Weldi-Miller
Bartender Jennifer Yeargin
Retail Sales Associate David Young


Programs & Education

Program Coordinator Alienna Maxwell
Program Instructor Leslie Bast
Seasonal Program Instructor Kevyn Breedon
Seasonal Program Instructor Amanda Cox
Education Operations Coordinator Kelley Crouse
Seasonal Program Instructor Carol Fondran
Sous Chef Tom Harff
Seasonal Program Instructor Joey Higgins
Education Director Mary Kennedy 
Seasonal Program Instructor Kaden Knake
Volunteer Services Coordinator Rachel Lamorgese
Administrative Support Coordinator Molly Postlethwait
Overnight On Call Designee Sarah Moore  
Program Instructor
Marlena Nosek
Volunteer Program Manager Andrew O’Leary
Culinary Program Manager Wes Patterson
Community Engagement Director Kimberly LoVano
CVEEC Director Amanda Schuster
Senior Program Instructor Kim Shuman
Program Instructor Tan Truong
Seasonal Program Instructor Penny Uhlenbrock

Contact Us!

Please email us with general inquiries, human resource or volunteer questions.


Rick Walker

Conservancy Board of Directors

Karyn Sullivan, Board Chair
Dan Connor, Board Vice-Chair

Steve Abdenour
Lisa Aurilio
Scott Bindel
Debby Capela
Keshia Chambers
Mark Davey
Daniel Diaz Nilsson
Tom Green
Montrella Jackson
Michelle Johnson
Roger Jones
Tamara Mora
Tushar Patel
Janice Radl
Justin Reed
Sandy Selby
Lisa Ramirez Shah
Casey Shevlin
Ken Smith
James Snider
Steve Sozio
V. Rena Suber
Tom Tyrrell
Bob Vecchione
Nancy Wellener
Steve Wiezorek