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Finding Fractals | September 3

A fractal is a repeating pattern found in many aspects of our life, from nature to modern science and technology! But what effect do fractals have on humans? Studies show that our brain actually has a certain response to these never-ending repetitive patterns and simply looking at them can reduce...
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CVNP Volunteer Recognized Nationally | August 26

It is our pleasure to announce that CVNP volunteer, Mike Schnellinger, was selected as the national recipient of the George & Helen Hartzog Individual Volunteer Award! Video Transcript Mike was recognized for his dedication to the renewal and restoration of the Cuyahoga River. Mike has long been involved in Northeast...
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Poison Ivy 101 | August 25

Anyone who has ever had an allergic reaction to poison ivy is likely not a big fan. The itch can be unbearable and the rash isn't exactly easy on the eyes. As a common plant throughout Ohio, it is extremely important to know how to identify poison ivy and treat...
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