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Hidden Gems with Gene: The Peregrine Falcon Nest | September 13

As a volunteer at Cuyahoga Valley National Park for 10+ years, Gene Stepanik knows a thing or two about life in and around the valley. As a wildlife watcher, hike assistant, scenic railroad volunteer, speaker’s bureau presenter and Elf at the North Pole for the Polar Express – people often...
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The Woman Behind “Women in the Wild” | September 6

Science affirms what many of us already instinctively know, that being outdoors among the trees supports good health. Beyond these benefits, however, lies endless inspiration. The only requirement is quieting oneself to discover precisely what it is that inspires and moves you. Women in the Wild, a weekend retreat for...
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Foxes of Cuyahoga Valley National Park | August 30

Have you been lucky enough to spot a fox in Cuyahoga Valley National Park? Extremely secretive, super speedy, and exceedingly solitary, red and gray foxes are one of our national park’s more elusive mammals. It’s easy to picture the red fox—the park’s more common species—with its trademark rusty-red coat, black...
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