There’s A Lot to Discover

There’s a lot to do in the Valley without having to hike for miles. Many iconic locations throughout the park don’t necessarily require a hike—and if they do, it’s short. Add these famous destinations to your must-see list—or check out a full list of trails below.

Rick McMeechan

Explore These Iconic Destinations

Everett Covered Bridge

The last of its kind in Summit County, and a major hub for trail activity. Discover Everett Covered Bridge.

Happy Days Lodge

This historic building was constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps from wormy chestnut. Used for special events and concerts. Discover Happy Days Lodge.

Heronry at Bath Road

80+ heron nests high in the trees. Visible from your car. No walking required, though we do recommend binoculars! Learn more here.

Hines Hill Campus

A historic homestead, now enjoyed as Conservancy office space and available for special event rentals. Uncover the history of Hines Hill Campus.

Howe Meadow

Home of the Countryside Farmers’ Market, summer concerts, and seasonal yoga classes.


The quaint, charming town in the heart of CVNP. Restaurants and shops accessible to all.

Stanford House

A historic farmhouse that your family and friends can rent for a CVNP adventure. Wheelchair accessible bedroom and bathroom available. Learn more about Stanford House.

Village of Boston

The home the Boston Mill Visitor Center (officially opened Oct. 25, 2019), Trail Mix Boston, several trailheads, and M.D. Garage.

Sue Simenc

Explore These Iconic Trails

Beaver Marsh

Hike half a mile on the firm, flat Towpath Trail to reach this fun, active wildlife hotspot. Look for migrating birds, beavers, turtles, and even otters! Get details.

Blue Hen Falls

A half-mile round-trip hike with a great view: This lovely 15-foot waterfall is made of shale and sandstone and surrounded by towering trees. Discover Blue Hen Falls.

Brandywine Falls

This stunning 65-foot waterfall should be on your must-see list. The upper deck is stroller and wheelchair accessible. Hike Brandywine.

Ledges Trail

This two-mile hike takes you past and through striking sandstone cliffs rich with mineral deposits and geological marvels.

A Look at All Available Trails

Below is a comprehensive list of all the trails and destinations we’ve covered. Browse through them to learn more, download maps, and plan your next adventure. Trails are categorized as Family Friendly, Intermediate, or Challenging.