DIY: Recycled Can Wind Chimes

Have you ever thought of reusing old cans from of peas, soup, and tomato paste? Here is a fun way to repurpose some of those things in our DIY recycled wind chimes tutorial! Spring in Ohio can get pretty windy, so add some funk to those blustery days!

What You’ll Need

  • 3-5 clean cans, all different sizes
  • Paint & brushes
  • Hammer & nail
  • String / twine
  • (optional) Waterproof sealant spray


Step 1

unpainted cans ready for crafting

Make sure your cans are all different sizes, and that they will fit inside each other.

Step 2

Decorate your cans! Paint is a great option and you can create whatever design you like. Note: If your paint is water-based (like acrylic), you will need to make them weatherproof by spraying with a waterproof sealant spray. If you don’t have this, keep your wind chimes under an overhang so that they don’t get rained on.

Step 3

cans and a hammer

Use a hammer and nail to poke a small hole on the bottom of each can.

Step 4

Different sized cans stacked on the string.

Use string or twine to nestle the cans together. Start with the largest can. Once it’s on the string, tie a knot for the can to sit on. Add the next size can and have them overlap. All of the cans should overlap so that they are nestled and bump into the one above it.

Optional Step

a picture of the bead details of the can wind chime.

Add beads or charms to the end of the string at the bottom.

Now your wind chimes are finished! Hang them up and give them a listen!

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