The Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park is thrilled to invite you to support environmental education at Exploration

Whether you can celebrate with us in person or not, you can help us provide educational and nature-based experiences to thousands of children whose families could not otherwise afford it. Currently, the majority of students served are only able to pay 25% of the program costs.


The following are examples of what your generous support and investment in our students will provide:

Melanie Nesteruk

$15,000 donation invests in four trail groups (about 50 students) becoming lifelong environmental stewards through immersive, overnight environmental educational programming 

$10,000 donation supports an entire week of curated day programming for our youngest citizen scientists 

$5,000 donation provides nutritious meals for one campus for their entire 3-night stay 

$2,500 donation provides bussing for 6 cohorts of day programming 

$1,000 donation provides two stipends for teachers to create innovative, standards-aligned science curriculum alongside NPS and Conservancy staff 

$500 donation provides 25 full learner kits to students to explore the outdoors, including: a bag, water bottle, write in the rain nature journals, pencil, collection jar, magnifier and hand lens. 

$250 donation provides 15 water-quality testing kits for students to use while learning about the importance of having healthy waterways and the human impact on our environment.  

$100 donation purchases 20 write in the rain nature journals for students to record their thoughts, observations, and findings. 

Does your workplace match gifts?  Many workplaces do match employee and retiree giving, which is an easy way to double your impact. If you are unsure if your workplace matches gifts contact your HR or community engagement department, or reach out to us at 330-657-2909 ext. 166 with any questions.