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Dinner in the Valley is a unique dining experience that will give you a personal connection to the food you eat, the chef who prepares it, your fellow diners, and your national park. Gather around a shared table and savor a meal crafted from the best local ingredients of the season, hand-selected by Chef Larkin Rogers.


Blueberry Abundance

Wednesday, July 12 OR Thursday, July 13 | Greenfield Berry Farm | 6:00 p.m.

Our most popular dinner of the year! Tour one of CVNP’s working farms, then enjoy a delicious meal featuring local blueberries in the beautiful historic barn.
Sold Out!

Vegetarian Harvest

Thursday, August 31 | Octagon Shelter | 6:00 p.m.

Learn Chef Larkin’s secret tips for shopping at local farmers’ markets, then sit down to a colorful dinner featuring fresh vegetables from northeast Ohio growers. Reservations > 

What's on the menu?

Chef Larkin creates your menu based on the best and freshest seasonal foods available at the farmers' market, our kitchen garden, and from other local sources. Since we're not always 100% sure what she'll find, we don't release a menu until 2-4 weeks before dinner is served. Think of it this way: It will be a delicious surprise!

What do Dinner in the Valley fans have to say?

“Dinner in the Valley is one opportunity each month to sit down together as a family. We’re exposing our kids to local foods, the national park, and different themes and cultures. Plus, Chef Larkin’s cooking has taught me new uses for different grilling ingredients and shown me new foods that I never would have considered eating.” — Marla Rzeszotarski 

Who is Chef Larkin?

We thought you'd never ask. Meet Larkin > 

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