Welcome to Cuyahoga Connections, Volume One

No matter what time of year, CVNP is here for all of us to enjoy—and our daily actions can directly impact the park we love! The chemicals we use to treat our lawn, the rocks we stack in the pond and the garbage cans we accidentally forget to put lids on (and are immediately found by raccoons!) can all impact Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Help your kids understand their own relationship with nature with the resources provided below.

Don’t forget to reach out to us with questions, comments or to share your experiences and completed journals by sending an email to connect@forcvnp.org or tagging #forCVNP on your social media posts!

Recommended Reading

Because of An Acorn
By: Adam Schaefer and Lola M Schaefer
Illustrated by Frann Preston-Gannon

This picture book, perfect for the youngest readers and listeners, provides a beginner-level look at the way even an acorn plays an important role in our ecosystem. With very few words, this book inspires discovery, introducing concepts of the food chain, cause and effect, and connectivity. The illustrations are beautiful and eye catching, and it is sure to become a favorite in your household!

Because of An Acorn is available at Trail Mix Peninsula and online.

Molly Hashimoto’s Art & Nature Activity Book
By: Molly Hashimoto

This activity book provides a plethora of puzzles, games, and art projects to choose from, with the backdrop of Molly Hasimoto’s beautiful block prints. Perfect for children of all ages, watch as they connect with nature through creative thinking and play!

Molly Hashimoto’s Art & Nature Activity Book is available at Trail Mix Peninsula.

Journal About It!

Download this journal we created just for you! Be sure to share your creations with us by sending photos/answers to connect@forcvnp.org or posting photos online and tagging us #forCVNP

Download the journal here.

Time for a Challenge!

Get outside and challenge yourself! In honor of World Water Quality Monitoring Day on Friday, September 18, we’re challenging you to take a closer look at the water around you. From the puddles you jump over during your favorite walks to the millions of gallons of water that make up the mighty Cuyahoga River, take some time to make and record observations.

Here’s a suggested itinerary:

  1. Explore the Cuyahoga River Watershed map. What part of the watershed do you spend the most time in?
  2. Find some natural water near your home or in the park. Write down some observations. What does it look like? Is it clear or murky? Do you see any bugs or animals inside? Is there a smell? Use this River Walk Checklist to guide your exploration!
  3. Listen to Brains On! – two of these podcasts focus on the Cuyahoga and even have special guests, including Conservancy Program Manager Amanda and CVNP Ranger Heather! This one is a broad look at the environmental crises that culminated in the river fire and this one features a group of students as they conduct water testing in CVNP!
  4. Visit https://www.monitorwater.org/tools/event-resources to learn about water safety and directions on how to properly conduct water quality tests.
  5. Pick up a free water monitoring kit (25 available on a first-come, first-served basis from Sept. 18 through Oct. 18 while supplies last) at the Boston Mill Visitor Center. With adult supervision, test the water and share your results with us by tagging #forcvnp on social media or emailing us at connect@forcvnp.org   Also, don’t forget to share your results with the EarthEcho Water Challenge.
  6. Share what you learned! Send an email to connect@forcvnp.org detailing your experience or tag us in photos of your water testing exploration using #forcvnp and you could be randomly selected to win a prize!