More than just “fun” at summer camp

Nature. Friends. Outdoors. Fun.

These are all words that probably come to mind when you think of summer camp at Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

But while your child is having all the fun in the world, they are also developing skills that are important for life outside of summer camp. Here are just a few skills your little one can learn while attending summer camp at the Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center. Keep reading for a special offer at the end of the post!


Melanie Nesturek

While at summer camp in their national park, your child will be part of a group linked with a common purpose. Kids will share ideas, work together to solve challenges, and ask others for advice. This builds a strong sense of community and teamwork. In life, working together is an important skill at every stage –from the classroom, to the soccer field, to the workplace. When you’re a team player, you’re more likely to accomplish more than you would alone.


While teamwork is a very important skill to learn, your child will also become more independent at summer camp in their national park. Being in a new environment around new people might seem a little scary, but experiences that take us out of our comfort zone allow us to grow as human beings. As your child faces their insecurities, they will become more and more independent. As adults, we want to help our child in as many ways as we can, but at some point they’ll have to tackle some struggles on their own. With an independent youngster, you’ll feel confident that they can face any challenge that comes their way.


At the Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center, we make a huge effort to provide experiences where children will succeed. There will be times when your child will learn something new, get praise and recognition for it, and ultimately feel good. This kind of recognition is a huge self esteem booster for a young child. Self-confidence, however, is not just individual success, but about feeling competent in the face of life’s problems. At the Education Center, we provide your child with an environment defined by encouragement, mutual respect, and collaboration.

Social Interaction

While intellectual growth and physical health is very important for a child, they also need to develop social skills in order to build positive relationships with other people. Summer camp at the Education Center is a unique opportunity for your child to explore and connect with the environment, with other campers, and with camp instructors. We focus on fostering these relationships while your child is at camp, so they can grow socially. In return, they will learn more about themselves, too.