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We are grateful for the feedback received to date from the various community engagement sessions. The following information shares the progression of the proposed conceptual site plan for the former Brandywine Golf Course presented during the Feb. 24, 2024, open house with representatives from Studio Zewde, the landscape architects for the project.

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Big Ideas Conceptual Site Plan

Big idea concepts:

  • Create special opportunities along the water’s edge to touch and see the Cuyahoga River. Connect the points of interest as an amplified zone along the river’s edge.
  • Anchor the Cuyahoga Riverfront east-west by its tributaries, streams and wetlands. Stitch the site back into the wider context of the park and the watershed to allow opportunities to improve hydrological functions through restoring streams and adaptive reuse of ponds.
  • Integration of existing NPS planning efforts for wetland mitigation as well as remediating the site through native meadow plantings, reforesting and creation of wetlands to bolster the ecological connectivity through and beyond the site.
  • Shift Akron Peninsula Road away from the river’s edge to expand safe site access to the Cuyahoga River, protect the river’s edge from further erosion and improve the overall quality of the watershed. 
  • Introduce traffic circles as road calming measures and tie parking into traffic circles to increase way finding towards the riverfront.
  • Provide a gateway and amenities at the north and south ends to welcome visitors to the site.
  • Connect the site as a place for all people. Offer a range of trail experiences including connectivity to the Village of Peninsula. Create opportunities for diverse and varied park experiences that will engage new audiences.
  • Learn about the rich histories of the valley and the peoples who lived, worked, and sought respite and recreation here.

Six small maps show a framework view of what trails, access and parking, proposed ecology, proposed hydrology, celebrating histories of the valley as well as program and revenue generation opportunities for the former Brandywine Golf Course.



Proposed overall site map marking locations with a corresponding photo of what the view could look like for the following:
-1 Peninsula link to village (roadway with separate bike and pedestrian lanes)
-2 Peninsula link to park
-3 New A-P Road
-4 River Center
- 5 River Center
- 6 Lodging
-7 North Shore
-8 River Overlook
-9 kayak Landing
-10 Horseshoe Cove
-11 Big Shore
-12 Drift Inn Pavilion
-13 Wetland Boardwalk
-14 Hiking Trails

Download PDF of Feb. 24 Concept Site Plan

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