Revitalization of Learning Garden and Hoop House

We’re excited to share the news of a very special project beginning in 2023 at the Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center (CVEEC) that will provide students with educational opportunities around food, farming, regenerative agriculture, climate change, culinary exploration and tasting, as well as gardening.

The Conservancy has partnered with Spice Field Kitchen to revitalize the hoop house and learning garden at CVEEC. During the pandemic, the learning garden and hoop house went dormant. Now, thanks to a generous gift to CVEEC by Charlie and April Walton, these spaces will be brought to life again, allowing for even more students to engage in immersive learning experiences!

Spice Field Kitchen (SFK) is the non-profit arm of Spice Hospitality Group, which also operates Spice Acres farm in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park with a focus on sustainable farming, culinary programming, and installing learning gardens. SFK will be a hands-on partner as the CVEEC hoop house and learning garden are renewed. Along with needed renovations, plans include ADA-accessible walkways and raised beds, native plants (including fruits and vegetables for culinary experiences), mulch, a staging area for compost collection, drip lines for watering, and classroom sets of gardening tools.

We look forward to sharing more on the progress of this project in the coming months!