A Volunteer’s Legacy for CVNP

Volunteer Henry Gulich has already left a legacy in Cuyahoga Valley National Park: with his time.

He’s passionate about introducing people to the park and helping them experience it. “This is your park,” he says emphatically. “This is my park.” Henry has dedicated countless volunteer hours supporting CVNP concerts, races, fundraisers, special events, and more.

Now, Henry will leave an additional legacy behind, in the form of a planned gift to the Conservancy.

Henry’s wife Komal was also a dedicated volunteer. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012, they made the decision to commit their savings to places they cared passionately about. Before she passed away in 2014, Komal specifically asked Henry to remember CVNP with a planned gift.

Both Henry and Komal wanted to make sure that their legacy—both as volunteers and as donors—would help make the world a better place. “You really can impact the things and places you care about,” says Henry. “I like to be part of making Cuyahoga Valley National Park a great place.”

In the future, Henry is excited to see the new Boston Mill Visitor Center and the expansion of the East Rim mountain biking trail. He’s also passionate about education and getting young people into the park.

Through his volunteer work and personal giving, Henry will have an impact in the park for generations to come. In the meantime, he’ll keep biking, hiking, and volunteering in the valley he loves so much.

For more information about making a planned gift to the Conservancy, call John Debo, Chief Development Officer, at 330-657-2909 ext. 122 or visit forCVNP.org/bequests.