Zero-Waste K-Cup Halloween Garland

by Dina from Dina’s Days

Looking for a kid-friendly craft to make this spooky season? Start collecting those K-Cups and try making this recycled Halloween garland!  

Zero-Waste K-Cup Halloween Garland

What you’ll need: 

  • K-Cups (We used 8 on a 5ft string of lights.)
  • String of orange lights
  • Sharpie


  • Tear the lids off the cups, remove all coffee grounds, as well as the filter. Rinse out any remaining debris.  
  • Turn the K-Cup upside down (opening on the bottom) and use the black sharpie to draw faces to create ghosts.
  • Stick the light inside the hole on the top of the K-Cup.
  • Hang and enjoy! 
Zero-Waste K-Cup Halloween Garland

This was such a fun way to reuse the plastic K-Cups. The kids couldn’t believe the cups could look like ghosts with a little creativity! 

When you’re all done with the garland, save it for next year or place the cups with your recyclables. They are fully recyclable if all the coffee and papers are removed.

Happy Halloween!