Hines Hill Campus

Located at 1403 West Hines Hill Road, Peninsula, OH 44264 in Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Hines Hill Campus is home to three unique properties atop 60 acres of meadows, ponds, and woods. The Hines Hill Conference Center accommodates up to 40 guests, and the Stone Cottage has space for up to 12 guests. The two properties can be rented individually or together. You may also add the tent to your rental which can accommodate up to 150 guests.

Photo: Conservancy Staff

Hines Hill Conference Center

The Hines Hill Conference Center can accommodate up to 40 guests. Round and rectangular tables set in different configurations are available to customize for your meeting. The Hines Hill Conference Center features: a small kitchen as well as a restroom downstairs, a large open main floor with a fireplace, an overhead balcony with seating and a second restroom, modern heat/air conditioning, Wi-Fi, projection screen, and easels. Outside, you can take a hike on the trail or sit by the fire circle.

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Stone Cottage

The Stone Cottage is a favorite for smaller meetings of up to 12 at Hines Hill. The iconic stone building features: a large conference table for 12, a small kitchen, a living room with a fireplace and comfortable seating, a restroom, modern heat/air conditioning, Wi-Fi, projection screen, and easels. Outside, you can take a hike on the trail, relax on the patio, or sit by the fire circle.

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Hines Hill Tent

Hines Hill tent may be set up seasonally to accommodate up to 150 people.  The tent must be rented together with either the Stone Cottage or Hines Hill Conference Center.

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"The staff are easy to work with, the catering is delicious, the facilities provide appropriate technology, and the ambiance allows for creativity. Specifically, the Stone Cottage provides an architecturally unique multi-room venue suitable for presentations and breakout work sessions. The location within the park creates a natural setting that can remove you from the day-to-day distractions of your workplace."

- Andrew J. Ditto, Ph.D., Manager of Product Development at Gebauer Company

Mary Wyar

Rich History of Hines Hill Campus

The Hines Hill property was originally built in 1904 as a summer home for the Jaite family, who owned the Jaite Packaging mill. During the summer months, they enjoyed a spacious house (now the home of the Conservancy’s administrative offices), as well as a barn (now the Hines Hill Conference Center) and a chicken coop (now the Stone Cottage).

The Jaite family eventually sold the house, and it passed to several owners in the years following. The most recent owners were Robert and Phyllis Gioia (pronounced “joy-a”), who purchased the house in 1975 and played a big role in shaping the look of the buildings today.

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