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Campfire Stories Deck for Kids

Item#: 009271


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Firmly grounded in the natural world, the fun and furry prompts in Campfire Stories Deck–For Kids! spark children’s imaginations for storyelling adventures. To play, young players pick one card from each set and then use the prompts to make up a story. Extra cards introduce families to the deck, provide storytelling tips to help engage children, and describe different ways family and friends can play the game, including a collaborative approach in which the entire group contributes to a story.

With this deck in hand, kids of all ages can gather around the campfire and set their outdoor imaginations on fire!

For ages 5 and up

50 game cards divided into two sets: 25 characters (adjective + noun) and 25 actions (verb + object and/or adverb).

Individually illustrated cards, including 25 animal heroes.

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