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Collector’s Edition Heron

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It is common to see the large, elegant shape of a great blue heron in Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Their numbers have soared since the national park was established in 1974. This is due to the local return of wetland-building beavers (once trapped out of Ohio), as well as human efforts to restore the Cuyahoga River. The valley’s first nesting pair was recorded in 1985.

Add a Special Collector’s Edition  Heron lapel pin, patch or hiking stick medallion to your collection, or start one today!


Special Edition Collector’s Patch or Lapel Pin can worn on  jackets, backpacks, hats and more!

Add the Medallion to your favorite hiking  stick to commemorate your CVNP hiking adventure.

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Heron patch, Heron lapel pin, Heron hiking stick medallion

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