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Molly Hashimoto’s Art & Nature Activity Book

Item#: 006917


by Molly Hashimoto

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Inspired by Molly Hashimoto’s colorful block prints, this activity book offers a wealth of creative fun for kids of all ages, for solo or group enjoyment. Puzzles and games, language builders, and art projects utilize Hashimoto’s illustrations and subjects to promote creative thinking and play. Included are:
Coloring pages
Connect the Dots
Cut-out Finger Puppets
Hidden Word Pictures
Word Scrambles
Rhyming Fun
Fill-in-the-Blanks Story
Spot the Difference
Word Searches
Grid Drawing
Logic Problems
. . . and more!

Kids will also learn about Molly Hashimoto in the introductory text. This book is perfect for both family fun and individual quiet time.

48 Pages
ISBN 9780764999871

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