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The Plastic Problem: 60 Small Ways to Reduce Waste and Help Save the Earth

Item#: 007326


by Lonely Planet Kids
Written by Aubre Andrus

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Look around you—plastic is everywhere! It’s in your shoes, pens, toothbrush, car, toys, TV, water bottles, food packaging… It’s almost impossible to get through one day without using it. And it’s creating major problems for our world, our oceans, our animals and marine life, and ourselves.

In The Plastic Problem, from the team that brought you 101 Small Ways to Save the World, you’ll learn how to become a ‘plastic patroller’ instead of a plastic polluter by learning about the easy ways you can cut plastic out of your life. The simple actions found in this practical guide will help you protect our world and inspire your friends and family to do the same.

Ages 9-12
112 pages
ISBN 9781788689366

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