How well do you know CVNP?

Cuyahoga Valley National Park is 33,000 acres of trails, waterfalls, woods, meadows, and more. Think you’re a CVNP expert? Take our quiz to find out!

How much of a CVNP expert are you?

Let’s begin with an easy one. This iconic spot in CVNP offers a modest eloquence and quiet oasis that trekkers can’t help but love.
This quiet but active space brings all of the wonder of the Cuyahoga Valley into focus for locals and tourists alike. Hint: it is the largest lake in CVNP.
The rolling hills of this trail are fun to hike especially with the whistling of black-capped chickadees drowning out the sounds from the nearby road.
Jeffrey Gibson
This is the first-ever mountain bike trail in Cuyahoga Valley National Park! Opened in 2015, this trail boasts stunning views, varied terrain, exciting obstacles, and an elemenet of adventure for anyone who explores it.
This 2.75-miler is one of four trails in the park to have earned CVNP’s most difficult rating, and for good reason: it’s tough.
This hilly, unpaved trail has several very steep sections. Hint: this trail is in close proximity to a historic home that can be rented year-round!
This 3-mile trail includes the picturesque Horseshoe Pond and is home to a fair amount of non-deciduous greenery, namely pine and spruce. Hint: The space earned its nickname from a former iteration as an evergreen tree farm.
Versatility is what makes this trail great. This 4.5-mile trail includes the Tabletop Trail and Langes Run.
Local beavers have dammed waterways with mud and sticks here and can often be spotted mid-evening gearing up for more work on their wetland projects.
Photo by Lee Long
Another iconic place in CVNP that will take you on a fabulous hike through magnificent sandstone cliffs. You can count on this trail to have the best view of sunset in CVNP.
How much of a CVNP expert are you?
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  • 1-2 correct… you’re a CVNP novice. Get out and explore some more!
  • 3-5 correct… you’re a CVNP rookie. Keep up the good work and you’ll be a pro in no time!
  • 6-9 correct… you’re a CVNP pro! But don’t let that stop you from finding your next favorite spot.
  • 10 correct… you’re a CVNP expert! Find a park novice and take them with you next time you’re out and about!

Need some help navigating the park? Check out our Outdoor Adventures page to plan your next exploration! Want to find out which answers you missed? Check out the answer key here.