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Lucy’s Life List: A Tale for Young Birders of All Ages

Item#: 007348


by Sally Deems-Mogyordy

Illustrated by Christina Baal

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Follow Lucy as she develops an interest in birding in her own backyard with the help of a fantastic birder friend. She discovers everything from waterfowl to raptors, doves, owls, hummingbirds, kingfishers, woodpeckers, and many more. This book includes a link to download a full-color, educational Young Birders Field Guide for your birder to take into the backyard and start identifying.

“My birder momma heart swelled at how engaged my children were with this book, with my son’s eagerness to identify all the birds, the thoughtful questions they asked as we admired the richly adorned pages.” – Jessica Melfi, Assistant Editor for Bird Watcher’s Digest

40 pages
ISBN 9781734760309

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